MidnightStreamer IPTV Panel Pro v5.2.8 Crack Offline
MidnightStreamer Crack The Complete OTT/VOD Solution

MidnightStreamer Crack is the perfect answer for the needs of the hospitality industry, OTT/VOD providers, youtubers, live game streamers…
It provides innovative technologies such as Direct Streams, Server Side Adaptive Streaming, Custom Channels based on MPEG-TS feeds and much more.

Why choose MStreamer?
These can be the most common reasons.
  1. Performance ( Unlimited concurrent connections is the norm with MidnightStreamer in addition you can take advantage of hardware transcoding with Intel QSV and NVENC transforming the main server or load balancers in super-efficient transcoding stations ) .
  2. Stability and Uptime ( Stability is a MidnightStreamer strong point therefore you can experience incredible stream uptimes even with unstable sources. ) .
  3. Security ( Limiting or automatically dropping connections are just a few of the many ways with which you are secured from undesirable client behavior. E.g. with the streamer-finder module, you can find out and ban suspicious users. IP and TCP-level attack attempts are mitigated automatically ).
  4. Support ( You can open a ticket anytime. MidnightStreamer staff will be pleased to help customers with any request ).
  5. Updates ( Updates are released on a monthly basis. Every update is carefully tested before release ).
  6. Backups ( Never loose your data with automatic email backups. In case of server failure you can reinstall the panel and restore your data in seconds ).
  7. Migration ( Transfer all your settings from your current panel to MidnighStreamer with ease. Streams and users will be imported with a single click. All you need is your current panel database backup file. In case you need assistance in the process our team is ready to help you ).
  8. Server-level protection ( Your main server and LBs are protected against all major attacks, from DDoS (iptables based), XSS to CSRF. No need to buy extra plugins. MidnightStreamer includes all you need just out of the box ).
  9. Best server technology-based ( Only the best and most reliable server technology is used. Nginx and FFmpeg represent the core of MidnightStreamer . This is why you can reach record performance and archive unbelievable uptimes ).
  10. Stream Management ( MidnighStreamer offers the most flexible and complete solution on the market. Streams can be routed along load-balancing servers, delayed, restarted automatically, or started on demand. Streams can also be proxied without being previously analyzed. This way you can start non-preferred streams on demand saving bandwidth and increasing your offer exponentially ) .
  11. Users and Devices control ( You can create and monitor regular lines as well as MAG devices. Client connection can be controlled by country and ISP. You can allow clients (Enigma2, Android, PC & MAGs) to send you claims and to be informed by email instantly. MidnightStreamer panel embeds its own native middleware portal ).
  12. Creating custom channels ( This powerful module lets you create your own live channels from recorded and live feeds. You can schedule your channel, set a custom EPG per feed basis and broadcast it to local clients and remote RTMP servers ).
  13. Writing your own EPG ( One fancy feature is the possibility to write your own EPG. You can write it from scratch, import events from an existing EPG, delay an existing EPG by X hours, or write events directly within a channel ).
  14. Very intuitive dashboard to view statistics of all involved information ( You can view Streams, Clients & Members statistics. Check overall times of streams usage and users zap times ).